In House Lab
In-House Laboratory Testing | Dr Jayna

In House Lab

Delhi Implant provides advanced dentistry solutions with Dr. Amit Jayna’s advice and various treatments provided. Even advance cosmetic dentistry solutions are provided at much nominal rates.

As we take pride in having an in-house porcelain lab in the clinic, it is one of those few dental clinics in India, who are equipped with Porcelain Furnace for In-House custom-build crowns, Digital burn out furnace for metal casting, Vacuum mixer for mixing dental investment material and induction casting machine.

Our implantologist working in the lab tries to fabricate high-end customized porcelain crowns for their clients. Our in-house laboratory allows timely, accurate and cost-effective testing that meets all quality requirements. Our quality analysts keep a check on quality of all the removable appliances; implant restorations as well as ceramic restorations.

Various models and die work provides you with the copings and bridge framework. Hence, our advance dental implant systems and solutions provide you with reliable restorations, utilizing latest methods of carrying out all the in-house lab services.